Expert Data Science Bundle

Unlock your data with all the tools you will ever require for the job with Expert Data Science. From data prep and health-check, to machine learning & data mining, python & R scripting you can distribute the math to wherever that data currently resides
with In-Database Analytics (NDAA).


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Citizen UI

Empower more people: Experts build complex analytic models and workflows once.
Non-technical business analysts then can reuse these templates repeatedly across
the organization.


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NDAA In-Database Analytics

Leverage the compute power of Hadoop clusters, database appliances and
other high performance platforms with Native Distributed Analytics
Architecture(NDAA). Reduce network traffic and analyze – wherever your
data currently resides.


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Collective intelligence

Integrated external analytics within internal analytic workflows. Embrace
the app marketplace for models. Monetize your models and data or import
models written by others. Import models from Algorithmia, Azure ML, Expert
Models and others. Leverage open source technologies, including R, Python,
C# and H20 Sparkling Water. Connect in a single workflow to drive
interaction and collaboration with greater insight.